Protect your child’s teeth

//Protect your child’s teeth

Does your child participate in after school sports, ride a bike, scooter or skate board? If so, it’s very important to protect your child’s teeth with a mouthguard. The start of school and athletic programs, along with warm weather and outside play, bring plenty of opportunities for dental trauma. Dr. Norton recommends that you be proactive and give your child’s dentist a call to schedule an appointment. Your child’s dentist will be happy to make a custom fitted mouthguard, maybe even in your school colors. In addition to protecting teeth, studies show that the use of mouthguards can decrease the amount and severity of concussions. Dr. Norton is an endodontist who specializes in saving teeth. If dental trauma does occur, Dr. Norton recommends seeking dental help as soon as possible. Please feel free to call our office should a dental emergency occur and we will be happy to help. From our team to yours ~ play safe and have fun!

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