Unexplained Toothache

//Unexplained Toothache

Do you have an unexplained toothache? If so, it’s possible your tooth is cracked and may need a root canal. A toothache can be caused by several things including decay, toothbrush abrasion, erosion and cracks. Most of these things are visible to your dentist clinically or by an Xray. However, diagnosing cracks can sometimes be a bigger challenge as they are not always visible.  Often times, it takes a more in depth exam or a specialized image called a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) to diagnose a crack. Dr. Scott Norton has a specialized piece of equipment called a Planmeca ProMax 3D CBCT. This technology produces a 3 dimensional image that enables Dr. Norton to diagnose cracks that are otherwise not visible. If you are interested in reading more about this new technological advancement in dentistry, please visit https://www.drscottnorton.com/resources/technology/. If you have an unexplained toothache, please feel free to call Dr. Norton’s office for a consult and some relief.

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