Dental Night Guards

//Dental Night Guards

Did you know that over 75 million Americans grind and clench their teeth? This is known as bruxism and is very damaging to your teeth and overall dental health. Bruxism can lead to TMJ issues, lesions, wear and even detrimental cracks in your teeth. Typically a root canal & crown will be necessary to restore your tooth if the crack is large enough. If you clench and grind your teeth at night or during the day, Dr. Norton recommends that you visit your dentist. Your dentist can make a night guard to help protect your teeth and ease the tension in your TMJ and muscles in your jaw. Dr. Scott Norton is an Endodontist in Louisville, KY and limits his practice to endodontics. Dr. Norton feels very fortunate to be surrounded by so many amazing dentists and dental professionals in the city of Louisville. If you haven’t had a dental visit in the past six months, now is a great time to call your dentist and schedule an appointment.

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