Electronic Apex Locators

//Electronic Apex Locators

Dr. Scott Norton is a practicing Endodontist in Louisville, KY. Dr. Norton graduated from UofL dental school and obtained his Masters in endodontics at Indiana University School of Dentistry’s graduate endodontic program.

During his endodontic residency, Dr. Scott Norton did his thesis on electronic apex locators. Electronic apex locators  are among the most important in the many technological advancements of endodontics. Apex locators are designed to assist the clinician by helping them accurately determine the length of the canals inside the roots of a tooth. This process helps to determine the canal length and decreases the amount of X-rays taken during the procedure. According to Dr. Norton’s research, the leading electronic apex locators on the market were accurate +/- .5mm.

Dr. Norton is a key opinion leader for the endodontic division of Dentsply (world’s largest dental manufacturer). If you would like to learn more about apex locators, please follow this link to see Dr. Norton’s video. https://www.drscottnorton.com/resources/

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