Blood Pressure and Dental Visit

//Blood Pressure and Dental Visit

Dr. Scott Norton is a practicing Endodontist in Louisville, KY. Every patient that visits Dr. Norton’s office will have their blood pressure taken at the beginning of the appointment. High blood pressure is an indicator and precursor to heart disease, heart failure and stroke. High blood pressure is typically silent and can present with no noticeable symptoms. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 70% of Americans or one out of every three adult Americans has high blood pressure.

Typically patients visit a dental practitioner more often than they visit a medical practitioner and this is why Dr. Norton feels that it’s important to obtain every patients blood pressure reading. Dr. Norton and his staff will share the blood pressure reading with the patient and discuss their medical history. If the patient’s blood pressure is anything but normal, Dr. Norton will discuss the importance of keeping a normal blood pressure and recommend that the patient schedule a visit with their primary care physician.

Dr. Norton’s goal is to save his patients teeth through root canal therapy, making them feel much better. In addition, Dr. Norton cares to help improve the overall health of his patients.

Have you had your blood pressure taken lately? If not, Dr. Norton strongly urges that you do so very soon. Take care of your teeth, heart and overall health.

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