Sinus Issues and Tooth Pain

//Sinus Issues and Tooth Pain

Dr. Scott Norton, practicing Endodontist in Louisville, KY performs an exam on every patient prior to starting a root canal.  After thorough evaluation, Dr. Norton finds that some patients need treatment for a sinus infection. Did you know that sinus pressure can cause tooth pain in your upper teeth? On occasion, there is no need for a root canal when tooth pain is caused by sinus issues. In that case, the tooth discomfort will resolve once the sinus infection is cleared up. Dr. Norton’s practice in Louisville, Kentucky is situated in the heart of the Ohio Valley. While the Ohio Valley is a lovely place to live, it’s ranked #2 for the most severe allergy cities. With that being said, there are a lot of people enduring tooth discomfort from sinus infections. If you have a toothache and aren’t certain if it’s sinus related, please give Dr. Norton’s office a call. Dr. Norton will thoroughly evaluate your tooth and determine whether or not you need treatment for a root canal or a sinus infection.

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