Holiday shopping and your teeth

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This time of year is a busy time with all of the shopping, parties and festivities. It’s a fun time that can also be quite stressful. There are many ways that the stress of the holidays can affect your teeth. Dr. Scott Norton (Endodontist in Louisville, KY) would like to remind you to take extra care of your teeth right now.

One of the main ways that the stress of the holidays can have an affect on your teeth is causing you to clench or grind (bruxism). Clenching and grinding can result in cracked teeth, not to mention TMJ and jaw pain. If you are especially prone to clenching and grinding, make certain to wear a night guard while sleeping. You might want to consider it while trying to make your way through the busy traffic and long lines at the shopping mall.

Next, take the time to brush and floss your teeth well. The stress of holiday shopping can be very exhausting and it can be easy to rush while brushing your teeth and eliminate flossing all together. Your teeth are exposed to even more sweets and other cavity causing mechanisms this time of year, putting your mouth at greater risk for dental issues.

Last, if you are experiencing any dental issues, don’t put off seeing your dentist because of shopping and holiday activities. It would be a waste to have done all of the shopping and preparing for the holidays only to not enjoy everything because of a painful tooth.

So, give yourself a gift of good dental health; you’ll be glad you did. Call your dentist today if you have any dental concerns. Dr. Scott Norton is here to help if you have an unexplained toothache or think you might need a root canal. Please feel free to give him a call so that you can enjoy your holiday pain free.

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