Dental Health Resolutions

//Dental Health Resolutions

Happy New Year from Dr. Scott A. Norton (practicing Endodontist in Louisville, KY) and staff. Dr. Norton has made some resolutions to eat even healthier and make exercise part of his daily routine. What are your resolutions for the new year? Do they include your dental health? Most of us start the new year with resolutions that include fitness and overall health goals. Typically dental health is left off the resolutions list when it should actually be included.

Dental health is very important to your overall health and should be considered a high priority. It’s also an important part of appearance and self esteem. Just as exercising can make you look and feel better, so can a beautiful healthy smile.

Adding better dental health to your overall 2016 resolutions can be as easy as setting up an appointment to see your dentist for a routine cleaning, flossing more regularly or making the root canal appointment to save your tooth.

Whatever your dental health needs might be, Dr. Norton suggests making them part of your resolutions for the new year. Dr. Norton and staff wish you a safe, happy and healthy 2016.


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