Girl Scout Cookies and Your Teeth

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It’s girl scout cookie time! Have you purchased your box of deliciousness yet? Every year, Dr. Scott Norton (Endodontist in Louisville, KY) and his family love to support the cookie selling efforts of the Girl Scouts of America. The cookies not only taste amazing, they also serve a worthwhile purpose. According to, “When you buy Girl Scout Cookies, you’re doing your part to help Girl Scouts make your community a better place as they prepare for a more successful future”.

As we know, most cookies contain sugar and we are taught that sugar is bad for our teeth. At this point you might be wondering how you can eat the terrific Thin Mints or scrumptious Samoas without contributing to tooth decay. Keep in mind that sugar alone is not responsible for causing tooth decay. In fact, it is only one variable in the big picture of dental caries. Tooth decay is caused when bacteria builds up on the teeth in the form of plague. As any living organism, bacteria need food to survive. This is where sugar plays a part. Bacteria uses sugar to produce acids that in turn break down tooth enamel and cause decay. The best way to enjoy Girl Scout cookies without causing harm to your teeth is to make certain that you floss and brush really well every day. Consistently and effectively removing the sugar loving plaque from your teeth and gums will reduce the likelihood of dental decay.

Go ahead, support the Girls Scouts of America and buy a box or two of their yummy cookies. Enjoy your cookies cavity free by remembering to brush and floss your teeth everyday.


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