The Use of CBCT in Root Canal Therapy

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The Use of CBCT in Root Canal Therapy

Have you ever heard of or had a diagnostic Xray called a Cone Beam Computed Tomography (also know as a CBCT)? CBCT has become an increasingly popular and reliable method of diagnoses for Endodontists.

Dr. Scott Norton (Endodontist in Louisville, KY) will sometimes recommend a CBCT for patients that present with a difficult diagnoses. While standard X-rays and other diagnostic tools enable Dr. Norton to diagnose certain root canal issues, the CBCT can be even more diagnostic.

Different from conventional X-rays, the CBCT allows Dr. Scott Norton to look at the tooth and surrounding area in different views, dimensions and planes. By viewing a CBCT image of a tooth, Dr. Norton is better equipped to diagnose and determine the preferred treatment plan for your tooth.

Dr. Norton has the capability of taking a CBCT image right in the comfort of his private practice. He also has a specific Endodontic module that allows him to view the image in high definition (HD). In addition, Dr. Norton is also able to focus directly on the area of concern, ultimately resulting in an overall lower amount of radiation exposure.

Do you have questions or would you like to know more about CBCT images and their role in root canal therapy? If so, please give Dr. Norton’s office a call.

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