How Long Does a Temporary Crown Last?

//How Long Does a Temporary Crown Last?

If you have recently seen Dr. Scott Norton for root canal therapy, you likely have a temporary crown placed over the tooth until the permanent crown is molded and created for your unique mouth. While some patients are eager to get through the entire process, some patients may be less eager to return for additional, necessary dental work and wondering how long they can get away with wearing the temporary crown.

So, how long can you wear the temporary crown? Well, the answer is, “It depends.” The permanent crown is typically placed within a few weeks to a month after dental procedures. The tooth and soft tissue are given time to heal, and the lab needs time to manufacture the one-of-a-kind crown. Placing the final crown may be delayed if Dr. Norton has recommended other dental procedures. Ideally, the permanent crown should be placed as soon as possible.

What Happens if the Temporary Crown Has Been in Longer than a Few Weeks?

The longer the temporary crown is in your mouth, the more likely the crown is to significantly wear. This can cause a shift in tooth position and the occlusion. Dr. Norton will advise you on how long your temporary crown can last based on placement and your oral habits.

Remember, even if you can get away with leaving a temporary crown longer than the recommended timeframe, it doesn’t mean you should. Call Dr. Scott Norton at

(502) 899-5559 if you have a question about your crown, or to schedule an appointment for your root canal therapy.

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