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Many of us have heard the word enamel used in the context of teeth and oral health. But what exactly is it, and why is it important? Enamel is the the hardest substance in the human body. That’s in part because it has a crucial responsibility: enamel protects all the other types of tissue in your teeth and prevents decay. But although your tooth enamel is made of rock-hard minerals, it’s not invulnerable. There are a handful of habits that can erode enamel over time, leaving the rest of your teeth susceptible to infection, degradation, and decay.

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Eating Candy and Drinking Soda

Whether it’s candy bars, sour gummies, or a size-large fountain soda, many of us have a sweet tooth somewhere in our mouths. Unfortunately, the bacteria that take up residence in our mouths feed off sugar. As these oral  bacteria consume more and more of the sugar you ingest, they give off acids that gradually wear away at tooth enamel.


Grinding Your Teeth

Around 40 million Americans grind their teeth either during the day or while they’re asleep. The habit—which is also known as bruxism—can gnash away at your enamel. One night or even a week of teeth-grinding may not have any lasting impact. Years and years of the habit, however, can create oral complications and expose the inner tissues of your teeth.


Too Much Wine

A glass or wine now and then is hardly a dangerous proposition. But too much wine can be damaging to the protective layer of enamel on our teeth. Wine has a host of acids that erode enamel over time. Experts recommend that wine-drinkers avoid swishing the liquid in their mouths for too long. The longer the wine stays in your mouth, the more its acids will be able to wear away at your enamel.


Not Producing Enough Saliva

Saliva is an important part of your mouth’s hygienic system. One of its primary purposes is to wash away the bacteria that inhabits the mouth and produces toxic acids. Dry mouth, in which a person is not producing sufficient quantities of saliva, leaves these microorganisms free to produce these enamel-wrecking acids unimpeded.


Brushing Too Hard

Generally speaking, brushing your teeth is one of the single most important acts people can take to maintain good oral health care. However, brushing your teeth too aggressively can damage enamel and gums. Damaged gums and tooth enamel leave your mouth more vulnerable to decay, gingivitis, and other unhealthy conditions.


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