Louisville KY Endodontist | Saving Your Smile: How a Root Canal Prevents the Spread of Infection

/, Endodontist/Louisville KY Endodontist | Saving Your Smile: How a Root Canal Prevents the Spread of Infection

Have you ever visited a dental office for a toothache? In addition to regularly scheduled cleanings with the dental hygienist, pain is a key motivator as to why we visit our dentist. Not surprisingly though, many patients decide to put off a visit to their dentist to address the problem.

Moderate pain or discomfort in our teeth can sometimes be difficult to manage independently, yet many still choose to delay or ignore the issue altogether. Why is this so? Perhaps patients are worried that their seemingly minor toothache is masking a potentially larger issue, such as an infection. Understandably folks are nervous that a simple procedure for a filling may now also include a root canal.

Many patients who are fearful of root canals have interestingly never experienced one. Their beliefs are based on what they have seen on television; heard from others or simply thought they knew. Root canals are beneficial procedures that help alleviate problems and prevent future ones from occurring. They can quite possibly save your smile by preventing the spread of infection throughout your mouth.

It may seem hard to believe, but one of the most serious oral problems we can endure is an infected root canal. Our teeth are connected with the rest of our bodies. Blood vessels, nerves, and nutrients all travel down the root canal highway. When bacteria overtake these passageways, it is likely to continue moving into other parts of the mouth. A seemingly isolated problem can easily grow into a mouth full of worries. Preventing a root canal infection is certainly in your best interest.

When a root canal (or endodontic therapy) is performed, the doctor will work on the innermost portion of the tooth that has an infection in it. This infection has typically been caused by either an accident or by decay. As this pulp section extends all the way down into the roots, any infection there would be painful if left untreated. Root canals serve to remove the infected nerves and tissues inside of the pulp. Root canal therapy eliminates the harmful bacteria from the infected area and fortifies the tooth root to keep it safe from further infection.

It is always recommended to visit your dentist as soon as you experience any dental pain or discomfort. It is very possible that the underlying cause of your soreness may be an infection in your mouth. If you need root canal therapy, you’ll want to schedule an appointment with our Louisville Endodontist  as soon as possible to stop the spread of infection. Your Louisville dentist can help you find compassionate care that helps you recover from serious oral health issues.

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