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Root canal treatments are used to alleviate dental discomfort and save and restore teeth that have been compromised by infection or decay. The general treatment process has not changed much over time, but advancements with technology and modern medicine have made the root canal treatment process much more comfortable than ever before. Unfortunately, the stigmas and myths associated with root canal treatments are still fairly common, causing some patients to put off this necessary procedure. Exposing these myths can potentially help ease concerns for those considering root canal treatment. Here’s a look at the truth behind some of the most common misinformation regarding root canals.

Myth: Root Canals Are Painful

Fact: Arguably the most popular root canal myth is regarding the pain involved with the procedure. While this may have been true decades ago, modern technology and anesthetics allow root canal treatments to be much more comfortable than before. For most patients, anxiety about the treatment itself far exceeds any minimal discomfort. With so many anesthesia options, many patients feel nothing at all while undergoing a root canal. 

Myth: Women Can’t Have Root Canals While Pregnant

Fact: Pregnant women are able to have root canal treatments. Root canal treatments do require an X-ray, but the radiation exposure is very minimal and the focus is on the mouth, not the abdomen, and pregnant patients that need an X-ray are given a lead apron to cover and protect the abdomen. In addition, the anesthetics used for root canal treatment are safe for pregnant dental patients. If you are pregnant or might become pregnant, please discuss this with your doctor before any dental treatment.

Myth: It’s Better to Pull a Tooth Rather than Have a Root Canal

Fact: Saving natural teeth will always be the preferred option when at all possible. Preserving the health, structure and function of a natural tooth is the ideal scenario in comparison to replacing teeth extracted teeth with implants or other means of restorative dentistry. In addition, the cost is generally much lower for root canal treatment versus the more involved extraction and restoration process. 

Debunking myths regarding root canals can help patients avoid putting off needed treatment and alleviate anxiety for those who are already planning a root canal procedure. If you have any additional questions or still have uncertainty regarding root canal treatment, contact our office to schedule a visit with Scott A. Norton, DMD of Louisville today. Our caring team is here to help you in any way we can.

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