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Evolving technology provides better prognosis for endodontic treatment.


Endodontists have used x-rays to capture images of the root system. However, there are a number of limitations when using x-rays. Foremost, x-rays are two-dimensional images trying to capture the three-dimensional root system. This can lead to inaccurate images and diagnoses.

This led to the development of more efficient 3D imaging systems. These devices are handheld and connected to computer software. They still use x-rays but take several hundred images that are then reassembled into a model on the computer. These models allow endodontists to make more accurate images and diagnoses.


Modern endodontic tools are made with a mixture of nickel and titanium, providing stronger, sharper instruments. Endodontists have rotary shapes that resemble drill bits. This refinement helps endodontists prepare canals for irrigations and obturation.


The method of endodontic irrigation was a series of syringes filled with fluids to flush out the root system during treatment. Ultrasonic irrigation systems use a vibrating tip to push irrigants into hard-to-reach areas of the root canals and can more effectively remove infected pulp.

Evolving Technology

Regenerative endodontics is a developing field, focusing on new treatments that can replace hard tooth tissue along with pulp cells. It has long been limited to theory, with recent advancements making it possible in clinical trials. Once techniques are refined, endodontists won’t just remove and seal teeth, they will have the option to regenerate them as well.

3D printing is being utilized as an extension of 3D imaging. Models are already constructed in computers, now it’s possible to use a 3D printer to create a physical replica. This “true” image provides endodontists with a more accurate depiction of root systems.

Endodontics is a fast-changing field as technology allows for more effective treatments. If you would like to know more about tools we use and how they enhance the quality of your treatment, contact the office of Scott A. Norton, DMD of Louisville today to schedule an appointment.

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