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Unlike general dentists, endodontists do not clean teeth or do much in the way of cosmetic dental treatment. They focus solely on diagnosing and treating infection within the dental pulp. Endodontists are the experts for pulp inflammation, infection, and root canal treatments. In addition to the four years of undergraduate and four years of dental school required, endodontists undergo an additional two to three years of training in specialized programs preparing them in their field. The advanced training our endodontist in 40207 received prepared them to work in the microscopic environment inside the teeth.

Endodontic Technology

Endodontists utilize technology created by NASA and state-of-the-art tools to work inside the teeth. The following are some of the tools used during treatment:

Operating microscopes– Endodontists utilize magnification and fiber optic illumination to view and work inside the tooth’s tiny canals. They also can use a small video camera attached to the operating microscope to record images of your tooth.

Ultrasonics– Endodontists use high-frequency ultrasonic instruments to irrigate root canal spaces and remove debris to help clean and prepare during endodontic procedures.

Nickel titanium– Endodontists use nickel titanium technology used by NASA in satellites to ensure flexibility and memory of instruments, ensuring more precise and efficient movements. More precise movements mean better results and less risk for the patient.

Dental dam– At first glance, the dental dam may not seem impressive, but this thin square sheet, usually made of latex or nitrile, is imperative for cleaning the affected tooth and keeping it dry during dental procedures. Our endodontist uses the dental dam to prevent microorganisms found in saliva from contaminating the site. A dental dam can also help some patients feel more relaxed and comfortable during endodontic procedures since it creates a layer of separation from the drill and other tools.

Our endodontics office in Louisville, KY has a multitude of tools to help you feel more comfortable in the dental chair. If you are concerned that you may have a dental infection, call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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