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Although no one looks forward to getting a root canal, the procedure doesn’t have to be unpleasant.

A root canal is often a straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your teeth. An individual typically requires a root canal when there is inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth. Our endodontist in 40207 who specializes in root canal therapy carefully removes the pulp from inside the tooth, cleans, disinfects, and shapes the root canals, then places a filling to seal the opening.

When is root canal treatment necessary?

A root canal is necessary when oral bacteria infect the pulp inside your tooth. In most cases, this occurs after a cavity remains untreated for a long period of time. It can also occur if your tooth is fractured or damaged after trauma.

What are some symptoms that may indicate you need a root canal?

In some cases, you may not be aware that you have an infected tooth. Many people, however, notice certain symptoms. Below are several warning signs:

  • Chronic toothache: A variety of dental issues can result in chronic tooth pain. If you have tooth pain deep inside your tooth, you may need root canal therapy. You may also experience discomfort in your jaw, face, or other teeth.
  • Heat or cold sensitivity: A tooth that hurts when you drink hot coffee or eat ice cream may necessitate root canal therapy. This is true if the pain lasts for a long period of time.
  • Gum swelling: A tooth infected by bacteria can collect pus. The result can be puffy, swollen, or tender gums.
  • Pimple-like area on the gum tissue: The gums may become inflamed or you may develop a pimple on the gums. In some cases, pus drains from the pimple, giving it a foul taste or odor.
  • Jaw swelling: Occasionally, pus does not drain from the site of the swelling. As a result, your jaw may appear swollen.
  • Discolored teeth: Often, the color of your teeth will darken when your pulp becomes infected. This happens when your tooth’s blood supply is inadequate.
  • Discomfort when applying pressure: You may experience pain when you eat or touch your tooth if the nerves around the pulp have been damaged.
  • Chipped or fractured teeth: If you fracture your tooth in an accident, while playing sports, or even by biting down on something hard, bacteria may enter the pulp.
  • Unstable tooth: A tooth that is infected may feel more unstable. As a result, the pus from the infected pulp can soften the bone supporting the tooth.

Whom should I see if I need a root canal?

If you are in need of a root canal, you will most likely be referred to an endodontist. Endodontists specialize in treating patients who require root canal treatment on one or more teeth. Endodontists have gone through specialized training and completed additional education after graduating from dental school to treat patients requiring root canal treatment exclusively.

It is not necessary to be afraid of having a root canal. With the appropriate care and by seeing a specialist, it can be a comfortable experience. If you are experiencing issues with your teeth and may need a root canal, please contact our endodontics office in Louisville, KY today to schedule an appointment.

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