What Are the Signs That You Need Endodontic Treatment? | Endodontist in 40207

//What Are the Signs That You Need Endodontic Treatment? | Endodontist in 40207

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People tend to seek an extraction when they suffer from severe toothaches and inflammation that prevent them from speaking normally or eating their favorite foods. For people who are missing teeth, there are a number of excellent tooth replacement options available. The best option, however, is to preserve the natural tooth whenever possible. This is the focus of the dental specialty known as endodontics. We will share information about how endodontic treatments can successfully treat tooth pain, disease, and infection. 

Endodontics and Root Canal Treatment

A dentist who specializes in root canals has advanced training in diagnosing and treating problems with soft tissue within the tooth. Endodontists specialize in saving damaged or infected teeth, and they are dedicated to helping you maintain your natural smile for a lifetime.

Bacterial Infection

Small openings created by tooth decay or injury can allow bacteria to enter your tooth’s pulp. A tooth abscess is caused by a bacterial infection that produces pus. An abscess can develop at different points on the tooth for a variety of reasons and can cause a visible bump on the cheek. The pulp of a tooth will become inflamed and painful if left untreated. One of the most common reasons people see our Louisville endodontist is for bacterial infections or inflammation of the pulp. 

Tooth Injury

In the event that your tooth is dislodged from its socket or knocked out, an endodontist can place it back in the socket, stabilize it, and, if necessary, perform a root canal. It is by far the most common procedure endodontists perform every year. 

Teeth that are chipped or fractured 

You will most likely be referred to an endodontist if a large portion of a tooth is missing. When a tooth is chipped or fractured, the soft tissue and nerves, known as the pulp, are readily exposed to bacteria.

A root canal procedure will be required to remove the infection, seal the root of the tooth, and place a crown on it, restoring its aesthetic appearance and functionality.

The retreatment procedure

When a previous root canal treatment fails or the tooth develops new problems, you will need an endodontist. Endodontists are the only specialists who can correct this situation. 

Endodontic Surgery 

When traditional root canal therapy fails to save a tooth, endodontic surgery becomes the last resort. The procedure can be used to detect small fractures or hidden canals that were previously undetected on X-rays or to remove calcium deposits in root canals.

Our endodontic office specializes in treating all issues related to the nerve of your tooth. If you or someone you know is in need of endodontic treatment, please contact our endodontics office in Louisville, KY today to schedule an appointment. Keeping your smile healthy for a lifetime is our goal.


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