The 6 Worst Habits That Affect Your Teeth | Endodontist Louisville KY

//The 6 Worst Habits That Affect Your Teeth | Endodontist Louisville KY

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It is almost impossible not to have at least one habit that we wish we could break. Are you aware that some of them can negatively affect your oral health? The following are a few common habits and tips on how to break them:

  1. Biting your nails

Nail biting is harmful to your dental health because it may chip or damage your teeth. When you leave your jaw protruding for a prolonged period of time, you place pressure on it. There is also the possibility of injuring your gums if you bite your nails.

The solution: Some individuals find it helpful to wear a mouthguard to prevent nail biting. Using therapy techniques, reducing stress, or applying bitter-tasting nail polish are other ways to reduce nail biting.

  1. Too much pressure when brushing

It is recommended that you brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. Avoid brushing too vigorously since this can result in tooth damage and gum irritation. If you brush too hard, you risk gum recession, and your teeth may not be cleaned effectively.

The solution: Instead of scrubbing hard, use a soft toothbrush and apply the proper amount of pressure. Reduce the force of your brush on your gums by letting the bristles of your toothbrush touch them at a 45° angle.

  1. Clenching and grinding

In addition to chipping or cracking your teeth, this can also cause muscle tenderness and joint pain. You may also experience pain when chewing or be unable to open your mouth fully.

The solution: Keeping your teeth from grinding and clenching can be achieved by using relaxation exercises. Additionally, a mouthguard can prevent you from grinding your teeth at night. You will experience less tooth pain, less muscle soreness, and better sleep as a result. We can provide recommendations on how to prevent teeth grinding.

  1. Chewing Ice

Both tooth enamel and ice are crystals. Pushing two crystals against each other can break one of them. It could be the tooth, or it could be the ice.

The solution: Drink beverages without ice or use a straw instead.

  1. Snacking constantly

When your diet is heavy on sugary foods and drinks, you are at a higher risk of forming cavities. Cavity-causing bacteria feed on leftover food and produce acid that attacks the outer surface of your teeth.

The solution: Reduce snacking by eating balanced meals so that you feel fuller longer. When snacking, stay away from sugary foods. Drink a glass of water after washing away leftover food if you are tempted to eat a sugary snack.

  1. Utilizing your teeth as a tool

You may suffer chipped or broken teeth or jaw injuries if you use your teeth as a tool to hold items, open bottles, cut thread, or perform any other function. When you do not have scissors available, you should never use your teeth to open or cut things.

The solution: Look for scissors or find someone who can assist you. In addition to saving yourself from potentially costly and painful dental complications, your mouth will thank you for it.

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