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Dental Implants Louisville | How Can Endodontic Irrigation Help You?

One of the key parts of a successful root canal treatment is irrigation. The irrigation process allows endodontists to eliminate bacteria and clean parts of the root system that their other instruments can’t reach. This [...]

Louisville Endodontist | Debunking Root Canal Treatment Myths

Root canal treatments are used to alleviate dental discomfort and save and restore teeth that have been compromised by infection or decay. The general treatment process has not changed much over time, but advancements with [...]

Endodontist Louisville | Our Specialists Will Make Your Root Canal Treatment Easy

If the idea of having a root canal makes you nervous, you are in good company. The perception of this procedure as complicated and painful is widespread, but the truth is, advancements in technology and [...]

September 16th, 2020|Dentistry, Endodontist, KY, Louisville|

Endodontist in Louisville | A Small Peak at an Apicoectomy

Occasionally, a non-surgical root canal procedure is not enough to save your tooth and the next steps need to be discussed. Your endodontist may recommend minor surgery in the form of an apicoectomy, more commonly [...]

September 2nd, 2020|Dentistry, Endodontist, KY, Louisville|

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